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PICA PICA . Palermo Crusaders . Mini Teaser

PICA PICA . Palermo Cursaders is an 2d urban/fantastic adventure animation IP of mine, on state of pre production right now.

Here is it's synopsis. Hope you'll dig it :)

Evil is reaching Palermo, a city composed of 7 neighborhoods full of south American urban culture...
and only she, an outsider angry and magic counter-culture elvish princess, can lead a group of 4 reckless local kids to save it.

But to do so... first they must become a respectable and trendy gang for Palermo Rojo, their own neighborhood, by throwing themselves to a mysterious quest throughout the city itself… facing and overcoming massive challenges, dangers and fears... awakening their special feature... and this way EVOLVING into a higher, both trend and powerfull form.

PICA PICA . Palermo Cursaders and all it's characters are © Ivan Olszevicki